Ming Feng


"As the creative process is the product of the artist's soul, it is essential that he possess an abundant resource of unique personal experiences and observations. Only by painting his soul into a work of art can an artist demonstrate his unique understanding of life and beauty." 


Buttercups & Plums
24" x 30"

Climbing Wild Rose by Ming Feng
Climbing Wild Rose
24" x 30"

Dolphin Bay by Ming Feng
Dolphin Bay
20" x 24"

Garden Arches by Ming Feng
Garden Arches
24" x 30"

Lone Cyprus by Ming Feng
Lone Cyprus
16 " x 20"

Shops Along the Canal by Ming Feng
Shops Along the Canal
16" x 20"

Sunlit Cobblestone by Ming Feng
Sunlit Cobblestone
24" x 30"

The Olive Grove by Ming Feng
The Olive Grove
16 " x 20"

The Quay by Ming Feng
The Quay
16" x 20"

Varenna Villa by Ming Feng
Varenna Villa
16 " x 20"

Waiting for the Skipper by Ming Feng
Waiting for the Skipper
16 " x 20"